Afterschool Skiddle Club

Afterschoolers Philosophy

To provide an afterschool program for all children K to grade 6, that is safe and entertaining. Children can socialize with their peers during fun and physical activities. We will provide time for scheduled activities such as swimming and skating, along with free time for the children to choose to play games, go to the park, make crafts or do homework. Our program follows the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Childcare.

Parents may access the curriculum framework and supporting documents on line at

There will be a daily physical activity component, such as swimming, skating, softball, soccer, going to the park, etc. that all children will be encouraged to participate in.

The Skiddle Club believes that quality child care programs foster the development of all children, including those with diverse backgrounds and special needs. Children with diverse backgrounds and/or special needs and their families are welcomed and encouraged to enroll in our program.