Certified Personal Trainer

Nicole Manuel
Certified personal Trainer
Martial Arts Expert
I have always lived an active lifestyle and love inspiring people to find their motivation and meet their goals. I played competitive soccer throughout college and competed in Tae Kwon Do at the national level. I have instructed at several martial arts academies and have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience from each club.
After a serious injury and having two children, I made it a priority to stay strong, fit and healthy. I continue to train in Muay Thai, kickboxing, weight lifting, and running. I believe it is essential to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle whether it be for mental health, physical well-being or to have extra energy to run around with your kids. I am truly passionate about helping each individual find their motivation and exceed their goals. My experience and enthusiasm will help you reach new levels you never thought were possible.
Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, 3rd Degree Black Belt TKD, First Aid & CPR & AED
Phone/Text: (506) 612-1287


Mellissa McLaughlin
Certified Personal Trainer 
Fitness Nutrition Specialist 
Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 

I started gaining weight as a teenager, and it continued though university. I knew I needed to get the weight off and would go to the odd class, or workout at the gym, or start walking. I never addressed nutrition, or stuck with anything long enough to lose any significant weight or keep it off. 

After a stressful life event, an autoimmune disorder was triggered in my body. I lost a fair amount of weight, unaware of the reason. I continued to get sicker, and after a few months was diagnosed with celiac disease. Once I was well I gained back all the weight I had lost plus some. 

I decided enough was enough and joined the gym. I started with cardio, and learned to incorporate strength training, and starting making healthier choices and eating less. I lost 75+lbs and felt and looked the best I had in my entire life.  Taking control of my health and fitness was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only am I healthier physically, it has been a huge factor in addressing my mental health, specifically my diagnosis of depression and anxiety. Knowing and understanding the struggle, I decided to pursue the education and knowledge I needed to help others do the same. 

My mission is to help people who have lost touch with healthy habits incorporate exercise and healthy nutrition by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need without having to overhaul their whole life. I am dedicated to helping people get fit and strong, gain energy and health, reach their fitness goals, and gain confidence in and out of the gym. 

 Email: motivationhealthmusclefit@gmail.com | Phone: (506)324-4593