The Gallery Room is located on the Main Level, between the Pool & Field House. This spacious room has windows on both sides, is located right off the lobby.  This room is ideal for a large meeting.
Sam’s Room is a bright, medium sized room that looks onto the ice surface.  There is a section of padded seats for arena viewing.  There is a bar space.
Carter Asbell Memorial Viewing Area-is a public, open space that looks onto the arena surface with seating for a canteen.
The Board Room is located on the Upper Level. This space to hold a small meeting or private party.  Mural was added in 2016.
Woodstock Rotary Room Studio 1 is a quiet, rectangular room that can be accessed at the back of the building. It features windows that look onto the lower parking lot

Woodstock Rotary Room Studio 2 is the bigger room out of the two studios. It has doors accessible directly to the arena, the kitchen, and the bar.

Woodstock Rotary Room Combined open up to a spacious room. It gives full access to the kitchen and bar, making it suitable for special occasions with a large number of guests.