Rules, Regulations & Etiquette

For the safety and convenience of all, please adhere to the following rules/etiquette:
  • All fitness centre users must be current member.
  • FOBS are only to be used for people who hold the membership.
  • All fitness centre users must wear a shirt.
  • Ensure that collars secure free weights before being used.
  • Clean and wipe off machines after use.
  • Do not rest on weight equipment between sets
  • Remove all weight plates from equipment and bars when you are finished and return them to the appropriate racks.
  • Do not drop weight plates, barbells or dumbbells on the floor.
  • Return all dumbbells and barbells to the appropriate racks when finished.
  • Ensure that the buckles on weight belts do not damage upholstered equipment.
  • Use a spotter when appropriate.
  • Report any problems or concerns immediately to AYR Motor Centre Reception Staff