Crafts For Christmas Show

2023 Dates: Saturday, November 4th
Time: 9 am-2 pm
Cost $5.00
Facebook Events Link:____________
For Vendors:
Registration is done online at: _____________
As a vendor what I need to know about Crafts for Christmas Show at AYR Motor Centre?
  • Booth Space is 10ftx10ft
  • Each Booth is $100
  • Booths on the exterior of the field house is provided with electricity at charge of $110 each
  • No tables are provided, you may purchase a table skirted from curtain company at an extra fee or bring you own.
  • Tables are $40.00 each and are 8 ft.
  • You may set up your booth any way you wish, but do not remove the dividers.
What I need to know about set up?
  • Set up Friday, November 3rd 3 pm-9 pm 3 pm SHARP
  • & Saturday, November 4th 7 am-8:30 am
  • All vendors MUST Check in at back of the field house
  • You will be given a bracelet to wear & 3 extra for your booth
  • All vendors will load in only from the back of the Field House once they have checked in
  • There are carts to help with load in
  • Once you unload, please move your vehicle from field house back exit
  • If you have a trailer after unloading, park in the back by the arena entrance parking.

 During the show
  • Ketchup Up & Bite Me will have the canteen open
  • Washrooms are in the main lobby behind the reception desk
  • ATM on site
  • Remember to wear your bracelet
  • Parking- The main parking lot will be busy, please park as far away from the building for patrons to use. 
  • WiFi is AMCTRADESHOW, Password is AMC2021!
  • Remember to take photos and share on your social media. Check in at Crafts for Christmas Show Facebook page.

What I need to know about tear down?
  • No tear down will take place until 2 pm once the show is over on November 5th.
  • All vendors will load out from the back of the field house.
  • Return carts to the back inside of field house.