Dog Park

Open in the fall of 2013, Woodstock’s Dog Park is located at 105 G Connell Park Road, between the AYR Motor Centre and the race track. This facility is for everyone to use free, off-leash dog park to provide exercise, play and social opportunities for their canine companions.

The fenced-in dog park provides peace of mind for dog owners: a large area is available for larger and more confident dogs, while a separate, smaller area serves the needs of smaller and less confident canines. Dogs and their owners use the entrance gate to access the unleashing/ re-leashing area, where the dog’s leash is removed. The dog and owner then enter the area of their choice with the dog off-leash, minimizing anxiety and stress for the dog if other excited dogs in the park come over to greet him or her.

Fresh water and toys are available, and benches have been provided for dog owners’ use. For safety and hygiene reasons, dog park users are required to read and respect the Woodstock Dog Park rules, which are posted. Facebook Group Link

The Woodstock Dog Park opened in the fall of 2013 as a free off-leash area for owners to bring their dogs for exercise and socialization. The park is located behind the AYR Motor Centre at 105G Connell Park Road in a 250’ x 100’ chain-link enclosure. Operating year round, the site features two double-door entrances, a separate play area for smaller dogs, a fresh water source, and benches for owners to use while their dogs are enjoying the park.

Safety is a top priority, as indicated in the dog park rules that are posted on site. These rules include limiting the number of dogs per handler to two, requiring that all dogs must be over four months of age, and only permitting children over twelve years of age to be inside the fence. When new dogs arrive, the protocol is to enter the first gate and remove their leash before proceeding through the second gate and into the main area.

In 2019, the Woodstock Dog Park was the venue for the First Annual Canada Day Doggie Dash and Splash, where the site was converted into a splash park complete with sprinklers, wading pools, water toys, and prizes. The event was a huge success and a welcome addition to the Town of Woodstock Canada Day celebrations.

The Woodstock Dog Park Association is always looking for volunteers interested in contributing to the success of the park.