Picnic Shelters

Having a picnic is a wonderful way to get closer to nature, enjoy the great outdoors, and spend quality time with loved ones. Woodstock's Connell Park offers several comfortable spots where you can relax and enjoy a picnic. Summer is the best time for picnics, but our picnic areas can also be enjoyed in the spring and early fall.

Three picnic shelters and a large gazebo (106 Connell Park Road) is available for reservation in Connell Park. All shelters offer undercover picnic table seating and nearby washroom facilities.. All of our picnic areas are equipped with garbage containers to keep the area clean and ready for the next visitors to enjoy. Barbeques are permitted. Dogs, Alcohol, smoking and open fires are not permitted.
 To book a shelter call (506) 325-4671 or email. 

Woodstock Recreation Department partnered with NBCC to create the large picnic shelter in 2019 for the community.