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In July 2019, the Town of Woodstock launched the eServices online portal. This gives residents the opportunity to conveniently access and make payments on their Town accounts from a computer or smart phone. The sample letter below was distributed, which contained unique sign-up keys for everyone with an existing utility account.  If you have misplaced your sign-up key, or never received your sign-up key and would like to access your online portal, please contact the Town Hall at phone 506-325-4600 or email for more information.


If you have been experiencing issues signing in to your account, please review the tips below:

1. Ensure the access link is entered correctly, or click here:

2. Business owners should enter the full business name in the "last name" field, or if you have previous bill, you may enter invoice number, receipt number or customer code.

3. If the form prompts for a first name, anything can be entered into that field.

4. A birth date is required to be entered.  It is required in Canada to be at least 13 years of age to possess a web account.

5. The system is case sensitive and information should be entered exactly as listed within the letter provided.