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Town of Woodstock Population-5,228
Greater Woodstock Area-9,100
Time Zone
Woodstock is located in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone, which is one hour later then the Eastern Standard Time. Woodstock participates in daylight saving time.
Woodstock is 39m above sea level. The climate in Woodstock is cold and temperate. Woodstock is a town with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. This climate is considered to be Dfb according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The average annual temperature is 5.2 °C | 41.4 °F in Woodstock. About 1171 mm | 46.1 inch of precipitation falls annually.
Currency Exchange
Visitors from outside Canada can exchange their currency for Canadian currency at local banks. Exchange rates are available at most local retailers.

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) of 15% applies to most goods and services.

The Telegraph Journal
The Bugle-Observer
The River Valley Sun
Pure Country 104.1
Industry / Major Employers
The forest and agriculture industries are the largest employers in the area. Many supporting industries, such as trucking, equipment and labor, are provided by local contractors. Potato farming is the largest sector in the agriculture industry. Other areas include grain, dairy and livestock. The Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments all have a presence as well.

Health Care
Upper River Valley Hospital- Exit 172 (Hartland). 
Townsview School Gr. K-8
Meduxnekeag Consolidated School Gr. K-8
Woodstock High School Gr. 9-12
New Brunswick Community College

L.P. Fisher Public Library & Thompson Centre is located on Main Street. 

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