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Contact Information

Andrew Garnett Kristen Pelkey Fallon Lappage
Chief Administrative Officer /
Director of Development & Planning
Director of Financial Services Director of Human Resource & Payroll Services
Email: Email: Email:
harold  Greg
Gary Forward 
Harold McLellan Greg Stokes 
 Police Chief
Fire Chief  Director of Public Works & Utility
Email: Email:
Kelly Foster-Hallett Tobi Pirie Ann Marie Voutour
Director of Recreation & Community Services
/ AMC Facility Manager
Director of Tourism,
Events & Communication
 Director of Administrative Services
Email: Email: *Currently on Leave*

Other Contacts

- Emergency-911 - Town Hall-506-325-4600 - Public Works 506-325-4649

- Email: - After Hours 506-325-4896 (water/sewer emergencies)
- Telecare-811  

- Woodstock Police Department 506-325-4601
- AYR Motor Centre 506-325-4671
- Woodstock Fire Hall 506-325-4896 (non-emergency)
- Email: - Email: