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  The  Town of Woodstock is under a boil order due to flooding. Please boil your water for a rapid 2 minutes rolling boil.

King Street, Water Street & NBCC Parking Lot is closed.



A boil order has been issued for the Town of Woodstock. The following recommendations should be followed until the water supply is in compliance with the Health and Clean Water Acts.


Please read the following recommendations carefully:


1.     Water should be brought to a boil for 1 minute.


2.     Any water to be ingested (for example: brushing teeth, making ice, water used in making coffee/tea or juice, and washing raw vegetables) should be boiled.


3.     People whose immune system is compromised (e.g. the elderly, infants, and people with transplanted organs, on dialysis, with HIV/AIDS, etc should pay particular attention to the use of a safe source of drinking water.  Water which has been properly boiled is considered a safe source.


4.     It is safe for people to take showers, bathe and use swimming pools.  Toddlers and infants should be sponge-bathed and caregivers need to ensure no bath water is swallowed.


5.     It is safe to wash dishes in hot water and soap, then air dry or use a dishwasher.


6.     Please monitor the local radio station or the Townís website www.town.woodstock.nb.ca for updates.


The Town of Woodstock thanks you for your cooperation in this matter and wants to ensure that water quality is very important to us.

Plans for the Carleton Civic Centre, L.P. Fisher Public Library & Woodstock High School Theatre are available at click here          Drawings update: July 2013


Woodstock Rotary Club "Grow Carleton" website


 Welcome to New Brunswick's First Town


Welcome to the official website for the Town of Woodstock, New Brunswick.  The Town of Woodstock is located 100 kmís west of the Capital City, Fredericton; 300 km west of Nova Scotia Border; 200 km east from the Quebec Border and 25 kmís from State of Maine Border.

Settled on the banks of the Meduxnekeag and St. John Rivers at the intersection of the Trans Canada Highway at Exits 185 and 188, and I-95 at Exit 12.  Woodstock was the first incorporated town in New Brunswick on May 1, 1856.




Woodstock boasts some of the finest 19th Century Victorian heritage homes, churches and civic buildings.  We are a vibrant, prosperous community -the service centre of the Upper St. John River Valley. As well, the retail and commercial hub of the agricultural, forestry and transportation sectors in the regional economy. 

Browse through the shops and boutiques; enjoy a meal at the variety of restaurants. Stroll the waterfront boardwalk, picnic on the greenway, or launch your boat from the public docks right in the heart of downtown. Take time to visit the historic attractions.

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Town of Woodstock | 824 Main Street | Woodstock, NB | E7M 2E8

(506)325-4600 Fax (506)325-4308


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