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Recycling & Waste

Waste Management Services in the Woodstock for recycling, hazardous waste, etc. is provided by the Western New BrunswickService Commission (WNBSC). For more information on the services:Click Here. 

To: The Residents of Woodstock (Ward 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Re: Effective February 5th

Starting the first full week of February, a new garbage and recycling schedule will take effect throughout the municipality of Woodstock.  The changes are as follows:

  •       Recycling will be picked up the first full week of each month, for all residents
  •       ONLY recycling will be picked up on recycling week
  •       Garbage WILL NOT be picked up on recycling week

There will be changes to pick up days, if you live in: (* see below for what ward you live in)

Ward One pick up will now be Fridays

Ward Two pick up will now be Wednesdays

Ward Three pick up is Tuesdays

Ward Four south side of Meduxnekeag River is Tuesday & remainder is Wednesday

Ward Five pick up will now be Tuesdays

A reminder for garbage pick-up, should be put to roadside is as follows:

  •     Box, bagged, or bundled.
  •     Not weighing more than 23 kgs per box or bag.
  •     Large items must be held until large item clean up.
  •     Waste must be placed within 2 meters of where the driveway intersects the roadway.
  •     Waste must be at roadside by 7 am of the collection day.


Ward One (Fridays)

540 Hwy, Belleville| Jackson Falls | Lindsay |McKenzie Corner |Oakville |Richmond Corner

550 Hwy, Bloomfield |Hartford | Lindsay

555 Hwy, Richmond Corner | Richmond Sett.

Atkinson Rd, Belleville

Bell Rd, Belleville

Bell Sett. Rd, Belleville.

Bell Sett. Rd, Jackson Falls

Bell Sett. Rd, Red Bridge

Boehler Rd, Richmond Corner

Briggs Rd, Lindsay

Burpee St, Jacksonville

Campbell Sett. Rd, Campbell Sett.

Campbell Sett. Rd, Richmond Corner

Currie Ln, Plymouth.

E Irish Sett. Rd, Irish Sett.

E Mcbride Rd, Lindsay

Estey Rd, Jacksontown

Estey Rd, Waterville

Faulkner Rd, Belleville

Highmeadow St, Hartford.

Hillside St, Hartford

Homestead St, Hartford

Hopkins Rd, Lindsay

Jamiesom Rd,Richmond Sett.

Jenkins Rd, Richmond Sett..

Lockhart Mill Rd, Hartford

London Rd, Jackson Falls

Martin Ct, Belleville

Mcbride Cross Rd,Richmond Sett..

McLellan Rd, Belleville

Old Houlton Rd,Richmond Sett.

Palmer Rd, Jacksontown

Payson Lake Rd,Jacksontown

Plymouth Rd, Plymouth

Plymouth Rd,Richmond Corner

Red Bridge Rd, Hartford.

Red Bridge Rd, Red Bridge

Sharkey Rd, Jacksontown

Sharkey Rd, Lindsay

Sproul Hill Rd,Richmond Sett..

Strong Rd, Richmond Sett.

Tourist Bureau Rd,Richmond Corner

Watson Sett. Rd, Belleville

Weston Rd, Bloomfield

Weston Rd, Weston

Woodlawn Rd, Belleville

Ward Two (Wednesday)

165 Hwy, Bulls Creek |Lower. Woodstock

555 Hwy, Bedell

Aaron’s Cres, Lower Woodstock

Avery St, Bedell

Awtesis Ln, Woodstock First Nation

Balsam St, Lower Woodstock

Beardsley Rd, Beardsley

Beardsley Rd, Lower Woodstock

Beatty Dr, Lower Woodstock

Bedell Sett. Rd, Bedell

Beech St, Beardsley

Bull Heights, Bulls Creek

Bull Rd, Bedell

Churchill Rd, Lower Woodstock

Crain Ct, Bulls Creek

Daniel Ct, Lower Woodstock

Dhober St, Bedell

Eagles Nest Dr, Woodstock First Nation

Elm Ln, Beardsley

Evergreen St, Lower Woodstock

Forest Hill St, Lower Woodstock

Garfield St, Bedell

Hall St, Bedell

Hemlock St, Lower Woodstock

Hodgdon Rd, Lower Woodstock

Houlton Rd, Bedell

Keenan Dr, Bedell

Kelly St, Bedell

Kennan Dr, Bedell

Mahsus Dr, Woodstock First Nation

Maliseet Dr, Woodstock First Nation

Manuel Ln, Bedell

Maple St, Lower Woodstock

Martin Dr, Bedell

McDade St, Bedell

Mercer Ln, Lower Woodstock

Milbury Rd, Bedell

Moccasin Ln, Woodstock First Nation

Mowin Ln, Woodstock First Nation

O’Neill Rd, Bedell

Pincher St, Bedell

Pine St, Lower Woodstock

Pokan Ln, Woodstock First Nation

Poplar St, Beardsley

Smith Rd, Bedell

Spruce St, Lower Woodstock

Stillman St, Bedell

Sunrise Cres, Woodstock First Nation

Sweeney St, Bedell

Tamarack St, Beardsley

Tupper St, Bedell

Turtle Ln, Woodstock First Nation

Vivglenn Rd, Bedell

West St, Lower Woodstock

White Birch St, Lower Woodstock

Whiteway Ln, Lower Woodstock

Wildwood Dr, Lower Woodstock

Willow St, Beardsley

Wulastook Ct, Woodstock First Nation

Ward Three (Tuesdays)

103 Hwy, Wakefield to Civic 2060

560 Hwy, Jacksonville | Upper Woodstock

590 Hwy, Jacksonville | Jacksontown

590 Hwy, Waterville

Bennetts Lake Rd, Wakefield | Rosedale

Butternut Ln, Jacksonville

Burtt Rd, Jacksonville

Carr Ln, Jacksonville

Harvest Ln, Jacksonville

Hopkins Rd, Jacksonville

Iron Ore Hill Rd, Jacksonville

Ketch Rd, Jacksontown

Kinney Rd, Jacksonville

Kirk Rd, Jacksonville

Lockhart Mill Rd, Jacksonville

Macdonald Rd, Upper Woodstock

Palmer Rd, Waterville

Rosedale Rd, Wakefield | Rosedale

Sawyer Rd, Jacksonville

Sewell Rd, Jacksonville

Station St, Upper Woodstock

Valley Ln, Jacksonville

View Ln, Jacksonville

Wasson Ln, Jacksonville

Westview St, Upper Woodstock


Ward Four (Tuesdays)

Broadway St, Woodstock

Brundage St, Woodstock

Center St, Woodstock

Charles St, Woodstock

Charlotte St, Woodstock

Chestnut St, Woodstock

Craig St, Woodstock

Division St, Woodstock

First Plymouth Rd, Woodstock

Foundry Street, Woodstock

George St, Woodstock

Glen Ave, Woodstock

Grant St, Woodstock

Heller Rd, Woodstock

Henry St, Woodstock

Houlton St, Woodstock

King Street South, Woodstock

Main St, Woodstock

Mountain Rd, Woodstock

Park St, Woodstock

Phillips Dr, Woodstock

Poole St, Woodstock

Prince William St, Woodstock

Queen St, Woodstock

Queen Street South, Woodstock

Ralph St, Woodstock

Rue McRan Street, Woodstock

Sharkey St, Woodstock

Slipp St, Woodstock

South Ave, Woodstock

St Gertrude St, Woodstock

Tait St, Woodstock

Union St Extension, Woodstock

Union St, Woodstock

Union Street North, Woodstock

Upham St, Woodstock

Wallace St, Woodstock

Walnut Street, Woodstock

Water Street South, Woodstock

Wentworth St, Woodstock


Ward Four (Wednesday)

599-887 Main St, Woodstock

Beatty St, Woodstock

Bicentennial Dr, Woodstock

Boyne St, Woodstock

Bridge St, Woodstock

Burtt St, Woodstock

Cambridge St, Woodstock

Carleton St, Woodstock

Cedar St, Woodstock

Chapel St, Woodstock

Church St, Woodstock

College St, Woodstock

Connell St, Woodstock

Cook St, Woodstock

Creighton Street South, Woodstock

Cross St, Woodstock

Culbert Dr, Woodstock

Douglas Ave, Woodstock

Eastwood Dr, Woodstock

Elizabeth St, Woodstock

Elm St, Woodstock

Emerald St, Woodstock

Fisher Ave, Woodstock

Gallop Ct, Woodstock

Garden St, Woodstock

Gold St, Woodstock

Green St, Woodstock

Grover St, Woodstock.

Guelph St, Woodstock

Harley St, Woodstock

Hartley St, Woodstock

Hartwood Ct, Woodstock.

Harvey St, Woodstock

Hayden Ct, Woodstock

Helen St, Woodstock

Ironwood Dr, Woodstock

Jesler Ct, Woodstock

Jones St, Woodstock

Jules Dr, Woodstock

Kelly Ct, Woodstock

Kirkpatrick St, Woodstock

Lewis P Fisher Ln, Woodstock

Manor Ct, Woodstock

Maple St, Woodstock

Maxwell St, Woodstock

Neilson St, Woodstock

Noble St, Woodstock

Orange St, Woodstock.

Osprey Ct, Woodstock

Parkwood Dr, Woodstock

Peters St, Woodstock

Pine St, Woodstock

Prince Albert St, Woodstock

Regent St, Woodstock

Richmond St, Woodstock

Riverside Dr, Woodstock

Riverside Lane Woodstock

Rose Ct, Woodstock

Scott St, Woodstock

Sherwood Dr, Woodstock

Spring Ct, Woodstock

Squires St, Woodstock

St Andrews St, Woodstock

St James St, Woodstock

St John St, Woodstock

Stiles St, Woodstock

Strong St, Woodstock

Townview Dr, Woodstock

Victoria St, Woodstock

White St, Woodstock

Wildwood Dr, Woodstock

Wilson St, Woodstock


Ward Five (Tuesdays):

105 Hwy, from civic 3021 to 5468 (Northampton to Pembroke)

585 Hwy, E Newbridge

585 Hwy, Grafton & Newbridge

595 Hwy, Bull Lake

Airport Rd, Grafton

Birchwood Dr, Grafton

Braun St, Grafton

Brentwood Dr, Newbridge

Cape Rd, Newburg

Clark St, Grafton

Cook St, Grafton

Cooper Rd, Pembroke

Crabbe Rd, Northampton

Cross St, Grafton

D McLaughlin Rd, Newburg

Grafton Shore Rd, Grafton

Hanover St, Grafton

Harnau St, Grafton.

Hilltop Ln, Northampton.

Kelsey St, Grafton

Kidney Rd, Northampton

Lewis St, Grafton

Mark St, Grafton

McKenna Rd, Newburg.

Monteith Ln, Newbridge

Newburg Rd, Newburg & Pembroke.

North St, Grafton

Oliver St, Newbridge

Parker Rd, Northampton &Upper Northampton

Parkhurst Dr, Grafton

Robinson Dr, Grafton

Rosewood Dr, Grafton

Saunders St, Grafton

Second Ave, Grafton

Sharps Mountain Rd, Newburg

Sharps Mountain Rd, Pembroke

Sprague St, Grafton

Strawberry Hill Rd, Pembroke

Sunset Ln, Northampton

Tompkins Rd, Newbridge

Tremblay Rd, Newburg

Woodfield Dr, Grafton